Club Sapphire

Club Sapphire, a program that offers you exclusive dining and lifestyle benefits, such as, exclusive discounts on food and beverage, preferential room rates and great discounts at the spa, at any participating hotel in the UAE.

A membership that provides you with a new way to experience the lifestyle you deserve.

Live the luxury with us TODAY! Be part of this prestigious program to obtain your complimentary gifts, exclusive privileges and special discounts at our upscale partner hotels.

How do I download my CLUB SAPPHIRE App?
Once you sign up for the membership, you will receive an email with a link to download the app, or download directly from Google play or the Apple store.

How do I activate the App?
Tap the Sign In button to generate a one-time password (OTP). An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. Use the code to log in to the app and to complete the authentication process. You may do the same steps if you want to re-activate your app.

How do I apply my membership discount?
Tap the ‘Avail discount’ option on your home screen, and a pop up screen with a 6 digit code will be displayed. This code should be shown to the server in the restaurant for your discount to be applied.

How do I redeem my certificate benefits?
Similar to the membership discount, tap the ‘e-certificates’ option found on each individual hotel screen, select the certificate you wish to use from the listed certificates, tap on ‘Redeem Now’ and a 5 digit code will be appear. This code should be shown to the hotel staff to redeem your benefit.

Can I download the app on all my phones/devices?
The app can be downloaded on one device only, at any given time. If you download the app on a second device; your account will be deactivated from the first device. If for any reason, you wish to download this on a third phone/device, the system will not allow you to. You will need to contact our ‘Member Services Support’ to assist you with your third activation. You are allowed a maximum of two downloads per month on a different device.

What happens if a Member loses their phone?
Member can re-download the CLUB SAPPHIRE App and use the same activation code as stated on their ‘welcome email’. All past usage data will be uploaded to the new device, so the member will not lose any e-certificate privileges.

How long is each code valid for, as sometimes there will be delays in settling the bill during rush periods?
For card discounts, each code will be valid for 45 minutes. If a code expires the member will have to download a new code. For an e-certificate, the code is not restricted to a time limit. It is the same and available throughout the membership year.

If a Members’ smart phone is out of battery and the member cannot retrieve the code, does this mean that no discount will be accorded?
Yes. A valid code must be presented to allow discount to be accorded.

Can the member enjoy discounts in multiple outlets during the same meal period?
No, since the member must be present and dining to enjoy the membership discounts. A member may use the membership multiple times during different meal periods, at different outlets during the day.